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have you ever noticed how many web pages you visit NEVER change after they are released? OR have you been to a website that has a posted item or a blog where the date is still form last year? What were your thoughts? Did you you think the company had died? Did you think that no body cared? Did you wonder if the owners & employees had lost interest in what they were doing? By chance did you think that you weren’t likely to engage with them because the would undoubtedly show you the same inattention as they do their own website?
Prevent your site from being stale!
Often organizations fall into the trap of assigning NO LEADERSHIP to their Internet presence. Sometimes they rely on the IT dept. to also be marketing geniuses just because they figured out how to put something out there in ‘cyber-space’. Think about these items:

  • who is responsible (the leader) for your web content?
  • what regular pattern do you want to adhere to for new content?
  • what are the top 3 goals for your site to accomplish?
  • what measurement do you have in place that enables you to know for sure that your site is driving traffic to your organization?
  • does your audience find your site useful? how do you know? how long are they staying? how many pages are they reading?

there are so many things that you can be doing to make your site fresh, easy to use, and a powerful too for your organization. Give your website some love and attention and it will give it back to you.