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Color Theory

Color is very important in design and web design. Your color choices can affect the mood of your site, the functionality, and the effectiveness of your site in general. Many people tend to like blue, it’s a very popular color. But your favorite color isn’t always the most appropriate choice for your company, and there are many things to keep in mind when choosing colors for your site.

Colors can generate certain responses from people. Many fast food companies use reds and yellows in their branding, because those colors are said to make people hungry. Yellow and orange are very action-oriented and will stimulate a person more than blue will.
The color choices you make also give a certain vibe to people. If you choose dark blues and want to give people an excited feeling, you made the wrong choice. Blues in general are very calming and tell people that you’re a peaceful company where they can feel safe. Black is very powerful and tells people you get the job done.
People also associate certain colors with things like red is often associated with anger. Although it is a powerful color and packs a big punch, it’s certainly not a calming color. Green is often associated with money.
Color affects the functionality of your site in a big way. We like to change headings throughout the site to be a different color than the rest of the text to help it stand out and differentiate between sections. Sidebars can also be different colors to help give separation and help people navigate through the site easier. Also, using colors that contrast enough with the background to provide good legibility is definitely important as well.
Different colors mean different things to everyone, but it’s important to think of what colors represent your company and the mission you’ve set out to accomplish best. Color choices may be a little detail, but it will certainly help your site capture the look and feel that you’re after.