listen up

cheap hosting

Everyone wants the biggest bang for their buck. Im as frugal as I possibly can be, and find ways to be more frugal each year.
On a pretty regular basis, we find customers who refuse to pay real money for hosting. Sure they just spent thousands on a nice website, but $3 a month hosting is in their sights.
We have a customer, who I wont name, who uses one of the “best rated” hosts for cheap. Unlimited storage for $6 a month. Guess what. in 2 years we have had to fix their site at least 2 times because of massive server failures. Most recently, because the entire server security was compromised, and a hacker fiddled with almost every account and file they could. Nothing too terrible, but hours of work to undo.
On top of the issues and time needed to fix the issue, this client spent hours on hold trying to have tech support reset the password, and a request to secure the server.
Lets do the math. In this clients case, they save about $10 a month in hosting vs what we would charge for dedicated server space. one year =$120. Our bill for fixing this latest issue. $350. their 1 – 2 hours of time on the phone with their host support: $100 – $200 (guessing what their time is worth). Ohh and the site was down for 3 days. Lost sales: $500 – $1000.
So to save $120, they spent $450 – $1550.
Cheap hosts fail. its not if, but when.
Cheap cars, shoes, couches, plumbing, brochures, laptops, cell phones, etc. they all fail. And the bigger picture here, those failures all come at a price.
Suck it up, and buy the best service level you can afford. It may cost you a bit more each month, but when your site runs smoothly you wont regret it.
yes, factor1 hosting has rock solid dedicated servers with great support, backups and uptime. But we wont host just anyone. Interested in hosting with us. Call or email, and we’ll think about letting you in. We have strict rules about what you can do, for the sake of our other customers.