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Change the rules

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Sometimes systems and industries get big. The way its always been done grows bigger and bigger as time and more players join. The cost of entry becomes higher and the reward is smaller.
I love what Actor / Writer / Director Zach Braff is doing on Kickstarter. The film industry has a broken model of funding. Zach highlights it really really well by outlining the issues. The money guys have too much say in the production, casting, etc. And I totally get why they want a say, but they are also investing for the wrong reasons.
Radiohead changed the game with their last 2 albums being self released and a “pay what you want” model. A price point that did really really well for them. Nine Inch Nails, and many others have tried this model and found great success.
When you change the rules, you change the game, and who the winner is. When the winner is the customer, trust me, I think everyone wins.