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Avoiding app attack

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I know this has happened to you, as it has happened to me. You see a tweet, email, or some article highlights a great new tool, service or app for your business. It could be something new for marketing, productivity, accounting, or social media. A pretty logo, a nice splash page, and a killer video. And WOW, only $20 a month, or maybe its $49.99. You get super excited, because, well as the video says, this new tool is going to revolutionize your business.
What I constantly see, is these things launch with great buzz, or even you bought it with great excitement. But in 2 or 3 months, no one is talking about it, and you never use the thing, or maybe you jump ship to the next revolutionary idea.
Have you ever really stopped and asked yourself this question: Is this going to really change MY unique business? Is my life going to be different after using this for 3 months? Or maybe Is this going to have a direct impact in new customer conversions?
We all need to ask ourselves questions like this. I see far to many businesses flocking to the next great app, plugin, SaaS, or whatever, all with the wrong ideas in mind. Keep your customer base in mind, your work flow, and your bottom line.
Indeed there are so many great applications, web tools and resources in the world today. Seriously, I applaud the application, Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and website plugin tool creators. Just keep your head on straight. The true innovators out there dont need these shiny widgets to make their business function with excellence.