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5 Fatal Mistakes That Hold Back businesses

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A great article from Small biz trends on the 5 fatal mistakes that will hold back your business from its true potential. Have a great idea, product, or service? This article is for you.
5 Fatal Mistakes That Hold Back Start-up Business Owners
The 5 key things:

  1. Not Appreciating Social Intelligence
  2. Have a Professional Business Website
  3. Make Sure Your Email Address is Branded With Your Company Name and That the Email Address Works
  4. Not Investing in Your Brand
  5. Have a Real Phone Number for Your Business

Do go read the article. its a short, yet vital read.
Did you know factor1 can help help you navigate all 5 of these? We’ll we dont sell or manage number 5, we do have some links we can share to sweet services to make getting a real phone easier.