listen up

Turn yourself into a Simpsons Character – or try to at least.

So last weekend Buger king started advertising their site. A little fun toy to promote the simpsons movie, and hamburgers, i guess. I still fail to see how this helps burger king other than brand awareness.
So I figured I’d give the whole matt simpson a try.
First off, for the first few days, the site was down. bummer. i was really let down when a national ad campaign just rolled out, and it seems Burger King was really un-prepared. According to Fast company, had 154 million hits in the first few days. As of july 24th, only 4 million people have successfully simpsonized themselves.
So after waiting for the site to be up. I was able to give it a shot.
Alright! i’m in.
after uploading about 5 different photos, all in the way the site described, i continue to get:
simpson error
So what happened? According to fast company, Burger King started with 18 servers, then quickly jumped to 38. Still, the system is so picky, there are more blog and sites talking about it not working, than people who are talking about how fun it is.
I doubt the simpsons empire will suffer any damage for this. But how does this help Burger king? I dont normally see burger king as a major player in the fast food industry. They have always struggled to keep up, barely in the game it seems. Will the simple fact of people talking about Burger King (good or bad) help the name of Burger King? Will I think Burger King next time I want a Burger, or will I be reminded of the simpsonize me let down.