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The importance of mobile friendy websites

By Matt Adams on December 16th, 2011

The internet use on a smart phone may be one of the fastet growing modes of communication and consumption we have ever experienced. The overall adoption rate is growing faster than radio, tv, and the internet experienced. In some countries the internet is really only available on mobile phones, like in sub sahara Africa for example.

Here at factor1, we have the strong opinion that there is no difference between mobile web and what you get on your computer. There is only one internet, just different ways to view it.

So all sites we build are mobile friendly at a minimum. And often we build more advanced sites that are responsive to the screen size and displays the content as best possible for the size of the device.

Some fun mobile facts to think about.

  • 39% of people use mobile phones while using the bathroom
  • 33% of people use mobile phones while watching television
  • 87% of people use mobile phones while on the go
  • 400% increase in mobile phone use over 2011

Based on the below InfoGraphic, What can you do to connect with people via their mobile devices?  What does your company do to reach people via smartphones?


Graphic via http://visual.ly/

the dirty on your web budget

By Matt Adams on September 1st, 2009


The number one concern in any organizations quest for a new website is the cost. Everyone generally wants the best work for the cheapest price. I would say we see 4 out of 5 clients base most of their decision on the price. Sure some things like features, quality, and experience come into play. It just seems price always outweighs the others for many clients new to professional web design.

I wanted to take a chance to openly discuss how we come up with our prices.

Good web design costs good money. There is no way around it. Just the other day we picked up a new client, who thought our first proposal was too high, and went with a friend of a friend for a fraction of the price. You know this person, its your mom’s-co-worker’s-son’s-friend’s-cousin. They always swear that they can do $3000 worth of web work, for $500 and a smoothie. Here is the issue we hear time and time again, they get started, the project gets rough, and they walk away.


Discovery: CSS Div ID naming issues

By Matt Adams on April 9th, 2008

Warning: This is a technical, website coding post. Not really marketing related.

So I was coding a site today while waiting at the dentist office (I am a geek I know). And I decided I would name one of my Div IDs “960wrapper”, to indicate that this div was 960px wide. Makes sense right? After doing this, and some other code the issue arises. My html is not seeing this div. at all.

I added a border stroke to outline it

I added a background color, and a min-height.
still nothing.

Keep in mind I have no internet, since I’m in a waiting room. So no google searches, no CSS xray tool.

I am about to pull my short hair out.

In some playing, tweaking, and overall trying to do anything to make this simple div wrapper to work, I re-title it to just “wrapper”

And BAM it works. I think I let out a little victorious battle cry in midst of the dentist office.

So what I figured out:
Div ID’s seem to not like names starting with numbers.

I did a few google searches back at the office. Nothing. I cant find anything related to this issue. Can any web CSS geeks point me to where I can learn why this method wont work?