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Okay, real talk, blogging often is hard shit. We care so much about you and your time. We don’t write posts for the sake of writing posts. If we have a passionate topic, you’ll see it here. Otherwise trust we are probably just busy making something great for the citizens of the interwebs.

the premium product

Reading Time: < 1 minute In almost every industry you will find a premium product, and several tiers of brands or services falling in rank there after. Their order doesn’t matter. What matters is the premium, and the non premium. Here is what I like. Premium sets the bar, the gold standard, and the price. The market and industry of…

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Add value before all else

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dont get me wrong, I’ll be the first to look at a new idea and ask if we can make money from it. Where are the expenses, and where is the profit. But I need to remind myself and others often, to have value first. Try not to become a person of success but a…

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2 Twitter Truths

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is a lot of debate about the value of Facebook & Twitter. Here are two things that can make them worth some of your time. 1. Follow people, businesses or organizations that matter to you. Identify those who are in your field or in your area of interests. People are watching who you follow.…

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