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Okay, real talk, blogging often is hard shit. We care so much about you and your time. We don’t write posts for the sake of writing posts. If we have a passionate topic, you’ll see it here. Otherwise trust we are probably just busy making something great for the citizens of the interwebs.

Twitter as an Organization – tip #4

Reading Time: < 1 minute In Continuing our series on twitter tips, I present tip #4 So you want to use twitter as a company / organization. In following our other tips, i’ll keep this short.  create a company account (nothing special, just an account reserved for professional stuff) only tweet the big things keep @replies to a minimum avoid linking…

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Twitter tips

Reading Time: < 1 minute In a new series, I’d like to share tips on using twitter effectively as an organization. Small, short and easy to swallow tips on twitter.  the first tips to kick off the series: DO NOT feed your twitter posts into your blog. People reading your blog dont care to see your @replies.  DO feed your…

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