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the dirty on your web budget

By Matt Adams on September 1st, 2009


The number one concern in any organizations quest for a new website is the cost. Everyone generally wants the best work for the cheapest price. I would say we see 4 out of 5 clients base most of their decision on the price. Sure some things like features, quality, and experience come into play. It just seems price always outweighs the others for many clients new to professional web design.

I wanted to take a chance to openly discuss how we come up with our prices.

Good web design costs good money. There is no way around it. Just the other day we picked up a new client, who thought our first proposal was too high, and went with a friend of a friend for a fraction of the price. You know this person, its your mom’s-co-worker’s-son’s-friend’s-cousin. They always swear that they can do $3000 worth of web work, for $500 and a smoothie. Here is the issue we hear time and time again, they get started, the project gets rough, and they walk away.


we aren’t dumb.

By Matt Adams on January 23rd, 2009

I often see communication from companies that think we (consumers) are dumb.


• Circuit City is filing for bankruptcy due to the economic colapse.
   – The reality is that CC has been failing for the past 5 years. The last 6 months were merly the nail in the coffin.

Microsoft is cutting 5000 jobs because the slow economy.
   – Again, same story, Stocks and sales have been down for 2 years, yet apple reports one of the biggest profits (26% growth) ever for 4th quarter 08. Maybe the issue is bigger than the current economy.

• I recently switched cell phone carriers. My former carrier wants me back, and is offering me “special deals to come back”
    – The problem is that these so called special deals, are not special. In fact, they are worse than the deals a new subscriber would get walking off the street. 

• Locally, ASU is announcing huge budget cuts because the state is cutting some educational funding. They are dropping programs, loosing teachers, and making class sizes huge. 
    – The problem here is that ASU has raised tuition 233% in the last six years, and the ASU president makes $750k a year, plus $750K in bonuses. The average state school president makes $420k.  Seems to me they are whining and cutting the wrong things. ASU is a business after all. Maybe they should run it like one. 


Consumers are not a dumb as big companies think.