You wouldn’t bring a beach cruiser to a bike race

By Matt Adams on May 30th, 2018

A friend of mine recently told me her current site cost a pizza. That’s right, a pizza. And the funny thing was, that the site didn’t look all that bad. But the reality is, that it was hurting her business. Her location specific service based business had ZERO search rank value for their main service or location. So this site cost a lot more than a pizza, it cost massive volumes of potential sales.

I’m reminded of riding bikes, and how we start basic, as we get more into a sport like cycling, you find out the gear needs to change a bit. I love riding bikes. Have for decades. I sometimes can pedal 6000 miles a year on a bike if I’m training. So the right gear, that fits the rider, and the activity is important. The wrong bike, the wrong size, or too dated of a bike will leave you behind.

This is all true of your website, your branding, your marketing, etc. What got your company started, can’t get you to where you want to go. Eventually you need to outgrow some things. Maybe its a size or fit issue, maybe its a performance issue.

Even if your business got started with that $150 bike 5 years ago, and you sales grew. Good for you. Just like a cyclist, do you think getting more on par with your competitors is going to be done on a new version of the $150 bike? or maybe it needs to move up a bit to be more in line with the competition has? Probably not, your competition is here to win, and they want to beat you for sure.

I hear you, your company is a service firm, and your human power is the main offering, paired with word of mouth, and your site is just there for basic info. Cool, I’m a super fast rider, my friends will say the same. But here is the thing, If I show up to an event on a beach cruiser, there will be laughs. And I’ll try my damn hardest. But that beach cruiser can not keep up with the thousands of dollars in carbon and light parts. A slower rider will easily beat me. Also, I will have to but in 2x the work to keep up, so in the long run, I still lose.

So as you think about the marketing tools your business needs to compete, remember, what got you started wont keep you competitive, and the right tools, the right methods, and the right fit may cost more, but it will outperform a bad fit every time.