How to get the most out of an SEO strategy

By Matt Adams on July 19th, 2018

Most of the time, we get calls from a small business wanting to revamp their site and engage in some sort of SEO marketing tactic. When I dig a bit deeper, I learn they have no market position, no value statement, and little clarity around their offer in general.

This is what usually happens. They call a few SEO people, talk about some loose goals, and 90% of the time the goal is “gain more customers.” The SEO people tell them it will cost usually between $2500 – $5000 per month.

Okay here is what’s actually going on. The business has no real unique market position, the current site is a mess, they have little to no content, and no one on staff to drive that. So the SEO team needs to spend 20 – 35 hours per month working on this. In my experience, they will research key product and customer segments, and write some content that technically fits what they need to make the SEO goals work enough to get paid.

Hear me out here, it’s not all snake oil, smoke, and mirrors. Some SEO has a bad wrap, but I know plenty of reputable companies that do good work and get results. This is how I know how much work it takes.

Now what?

Pretend you engaged the SEO company and now have 3x the leads hitting your site. Is your site converting? Are you measuring the lead to form conversion? Or are you just tracking that top line traffic, and the Search Rank Positioning for each phrase? Or are you looking at the total in vs total leads acquired on a form or phone call?

When we see the 6 – 12 months results, we usually hear mixed stories. The SEO guys see success with a higher ranking and more traffic in. The business owner sees money gone, and the same leads. Maybe a small uptick.

Why is that you ask? Generally, it’s a lack of strategic planning with the site, the call to action, and the user research. What’s the old saying, you can lead a horse to a website but you can’t make them buy new shoes?

How do you fix this?

First, we believe in a deep dive business audit. What is your company best at selling, what is most profitable, what’s the market demanding, and where do you stand out from the competition? Only once we sort this out will we make any real progress with a strategy, a clear game plan, and can design, develop and build the right systems.

We recently did all this research for a local home cleaner getting into a new market and service offering. She called us pretty happy in less than a week of the new strategy being live. “We have closed 6 new deals, and 4 or 5 others are in progress!” These are not small deals, these are thousands of dollars per month in multi-year engagements. The average customer here is worth about $36,000 per year. And we just landed 6 more in less than a week. That’s almost a $250k a year in new revenue, in 6 days.

Dream with me here.

What if, we paired that strategy work that was quickly running 6-10 high dollar, high qualified leads per week, with a longer-term SEO game plan. All the sudden the $2500-$5000 per month SEO or Ad spend is generating 15 or 25 of those leads per week. Next thing you know its a multi-million dollar growth plan. Granted this is a local market with only 250 – 400 total potential customer in the immediate service area. But at $36k a year, if we had earned just 100 of these possible customers, that is a major, major impact to the business in a short time. If you ask me, a $3.6 million is a very respectable business.

While we all know nothing is guaranteed, isn’t it worth a discussion to see what is possible, what you should spend, and where you could be going with the right strategy and execution? Let’s grow your business!