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Okay, real talk, blogging often is hard shit. We care so much about you and your time. We don’t write posts for the sake of writing posts. If we have a passionate topic, you’ll see it here. Otherwise trust we are probably just busy making something great for the citizens of the interwebs.

What if getting it right the first time is wrong?

Reading Time: 2 minutes You know the old saying, ‘Do it right the first time.’ What if that’s not the right answer though? What if the first time was a warm-up, a trial, a learning experience? What if the first time was a baseline to measure against? Often, we want to dive in and spend time crafting the perfect…

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Change the rules

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sometimes systems and industries get big. The way its always been done grows bigger and bigger as time and more players join. The cost of entry becomes higher and the reward is smaller. I love what Actor / Writer / Director Zach Braff is doing on Kickstarter. The film industry has a broken model of…

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Sometimes you have cross the line

Reading Time: < 1 minute Who says public service announcements are limited to actual problems? I give huge props to  The Martin Agency for their Cool Whip ad and for breaking the rules and really making a legit problem blown out of proportion with a PSA. I mean come on, who hasn’t ruined a cake when spreading some icing.

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Using great video to promote concepts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Samsung released a new video promoting its eco-line of washing machines. They used a common modern video style of documentary / user produced look, even though its highly produced with skilled directors and video teams. The take away here, for me, is that telling your story in a simple, clear fashion, is an easy win.…

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Email newsletters and you. A true story.

Reading Time: 4 minutes So often we all get busy, and our once monthly newsletter goes the way of quarterly, then yearly. It’s okay. Admitting you have done this is the first step to recovery. No judgment from us, we have the same issues. But lets talk about why email newsletters are important, and how you can best manage your newsletters.…

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The importance of mobile friendy websites

Reading Time: < 1 minute The internet use on a smart phone may be one of the fastet growing modes of communication and consumption we have ever experienced. The overall adoption rate is growing faster than radio, tv, and the internet experienced. In some countries the internet is really only available on mobile phones, like in sub sahara Africa for…

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Creating a Google Plus page for your business

Reading Time: < 1 minute Time to celebrate! the much anticipated Google+ for your business, place, organization or brand. Signing up is probably 10x easier than facebook ever was. First off, you need to be a google+ user personally. (head here: Once signed up, you may want to find some friends to add to your network, but thats not a…

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Your business does not need a phone app

Reading Time: 2 minutes You heard me. Your business does not need a phone app in the apple or android app stores. More than likely. Last week, a client of ours was super excited to tell me all about this new web app they are “creating”. By creating I mean they paid some phone app company a set up…

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Netflix: A nimble cruise ship

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s often said that the bigger the company is, the less nimble they become. Like a cruise ship compared to a small speed boat. The smaller boat can make quick refinements to its route, but a cruise ship makes big, slow turns. Stoping and starting can take too long sometimes. Today Netflix killed off Qwikster…

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