Add Humanity With Your Technology

By Ryan Russel

We have all experienced the disconnect between what we see on the internet or in a advertisement and what we experience in real life. Who hasn’t drooled at the most amazing looking cheeseburger only to arrive at the restaurant and experience the worst, cold, slapped-together reheated piece of $#^! we’ve ever eaten? You and I have been disappointed and when the disconnect takes place, we are very likely to never return to that restaurant ever again.


So it should go without saying, your presence on the web is vital. Additionally, it is hyper-critical that what someone experiences, sees, reads and learns about via their browser actually lines up with the human touches of your organization.

So here are some simple pointers that you already know in your head or in your gut:

  • Use pictures of real people. Real employees. Real Customers. Real Interaction. Do your best to avoid stock photography and staged, ‘high-school-senior-year-book’ images. (Yes, this might require you high a semi-professional photographer.)
  • Convey actual quotes from your customers.
  • Share true stories from the impact of your work.
  • Remember, unless you are doing an incredible volume of online sales, we may need to talk to an intelligent person on the phone who speaks our native language.
  • Cut the fluff and get to the point. Extra info is great, but highlight the most important aspects of what you do!


To make you (and I) a little smarter, take 10 min. to see the coming future of technology merging with the real world.