About Us

We are a nimble team of creative problem solvers.
We like to replace arbitrary with strategy.

Our Team

Matt Adams

Matt has spent many many years in print and web design, he spends most of his days juggling projects, and crafting solutions to problems.

Matt is an avid competitive cyclist and apple geek. Matt and his wife Stephanie live in Tempe, AZ with their twin boys.

Eric Stout

Eric loves all things code. From CSS, HTML, JS and PHP, Eric can wrangle it all. Eric helps our team execute code with excellence and passion. Eric also joins us from Arizona State University and is addicted to baseball, video games, and beards.

Alexander Persky

Alexander has a passion for coding things the right way, and exploring all the options to get there. He joins us from ASU and The Rockit Bootcamp, with experience in their front end developer program.

Stephanie Lauderback

Steph loves good design, typography, wood working and Star Wars. When she isn’t working on great designs, you may find her refinishing some vintage furniture or painting wood signs.

Stephanie Adams

Stephanie is the glue that keeps things running around here. She keeps the bills paid, invoices going out, and our team happy with fun office ideas, snacks and supplies. Without her, we’d all probably go a little crazy.

James Latham

James has been working in development for over 10 years, and has been privileged to work on projects for numerous for-profit, non-profit and educational institutions. These days James practices development with a focus on WordPress, Laravel and Code Ignitor frameworks.


Factor1 began as a bit of a freelance identity for Matt Adams. Officially opened the factor1 doors as a company in 2004 with the mindset of people over profits. With several offices, and staff changes over the years, we are a small team of 6 with offices in Tempe AZ, where we all have those cool stand up desks and tasty snacks.  We believe building something great is about finding the perfect balance between design, technology and strategy.

Don’t let our size fool you, we have launched massive sites in short timelines. Some of our sites average over a million visitors per month.