About Us

We are a nimble team of creative problem solvers.
We like to replace arbitrary with strategy.

Our Team

Matt Adams

Head of Intergalactic Operations

Matt has spent many many years in print and web design, he spends most of his days juggling projects, and crafting solutions to problems.

Matt is an avid competitive cyclist and apple geek.

Stephanie Lauderback

Senior Designer

Steph loves good design, typography, woodworking and Star Wars. When she isn’t working on great designs, you may find her refinishing some vintage furniture or working with power tools in her garage.

Eric Macias

Project Manager / Client Services

Eric is a former event coordinator who has set his sights for the business world. He enjoys a good puzzle and watching all the parts and pieces fall into place. When not working on a project or event, he is usually out camping, playing basketball, or beating you at Connect 4.

Melanie Patterson

Web Developer

Melanie is a professional tutor turned web developer who loves to take designs and make them come alive online. When not playing around with code, she can usually be found reading, playing an instrument, or battling it out with her sister at Tetris.

Nick Exposito

Web Developer

Nick is a former digital marketer turned web developer who allowed his love of tech to lead him down the path of development and never look back. When he’s not playing around in a code editor, he is usually geeking out about Star Wars, Sci-Fi, Video Games and his Kansas City sports teams.

Niki Blaker


With over 15 years experience in design, branding, and user experience, Niki Blaker’s work is guided by cross-discipline collaboration and in-depth research that make meaningful brand strategy and design experiences possible.