Your Future Must Involve Change

By Ryan Russel

I want to create change, make money and work on stuff that matters. So do you. That is why you are dreaming, working, investing, planning, sweating, pushing, losing sleep and hopefully doing lots and lots of learning. Can you envision a future for your company or organization that is better than the one that you are experiencing right now? I hope so.

Business is a process. As a leader you know all too well that you can not wake up each morning and do exactly the same things that you did the day before. You must press harder into the profitable areas. You must let of things that take too much time without the requisite return or impact.

This thought process applies to your marketing and your online presence too. It can not be static. Do you know how your online presence is performing? Are you asking your users for feedback? Are you tracking your most clicked areas? Are you thinking through what your customers really NEED versus what you are putting in front of them? Do you have any idea how many potential customers are hitting your site via mobile devices as compared with desktops or laptops?

Ask 5 new people to go on your site and give you honest, real feedback. Ask them is they can find the information that they would want to find or hope to find. Ask them about their “experience”. See what they remember 24 hours later. Find out if they are impressed by your website or thought it was very unremarkable or even cheap.

Don’t be afraid.

Start asking!