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How much does a website cost with Factor1?
We work with a wide range of budgets, as low as $3,500

Does Factor1 charge monthly fees?
No. We have hosting fees, but stand alone websites do not have monthly or yearly fees.

I want to update our website myself when it is finished, can I do that easily with the Factor1 product?
YES! We only develop sites that can be managed by you. We offer great training and email support for as long as you use our site.

Who owns the website and/or the designs when they are finished?
You do. We built it for your use, as long as you want to use it for.

Do I need to be a rocket scientist in order to update the site myself?
Nope! If you can use word, or facebook, you can update your site.

What kind of technology do you use to build your websites?
We use HTML5 and CSS3 to build responsive websites, and utilize the popular wordpress CMS platform for the administration

I have personally used Factor1 for 3 or 4 different websites and custom blogs. When it came time to start our new church start-up funds were very limited, yet we were committed to finding the funding to have Factor1 do our site.Working with the team at Factor1 to make our website have the look, feel, and vibe we were looking for could not have been any easier. I am not web savvy at all so an easy to use website was a must for us. We need the ability to upload information daily, change pictures, text, and add pages in a very easy manner. Factor1 delivered with their Admin Panel that lets me make all the necessary change with a few easy clicks. It has been a breeze to make our website look great and stay updated.I can’t recommend then enough.
Gary Lamb