Lifewater International

By Matt Adams

When Lifewater told us they were designing their new site, we got excited. When we work the amazing team at Chicago based agency Rule29, we know we are building something fantastic.

Lifewater is a nonprofit based in California, but changing the world with clean water. They needed to make sure their site told the story, empowered the authors, and shared the mission.

Working with their team, we engineered a wide number of solutions for past projects, donations, ecommerce, custom sidebars, blogging, document management, and great page tools.

x3 Watch

By Matt Adams

When you need to start fresh with an app used by over 1 million people, a new site is a given. x3 selected factor1 to hear their mission, vision, and be on their web team to build out a new site.

We helped x3 tell their story and reach their diverse audience by highlighting the different needs and features of each user. Large photography and a parallax design that responds well for all devices. We used wordpress to manage the content, the videos, and the blog posts.

White Water Crossing

By Matt Adams

Whitewater Crossing Church selected factor1 to overhaul their brand online. We started with a clean up of their site and tools to help them share their mission.

We kept a clear vision with their team on their voice. They knew what they wanted to say, we built the tools to make it happen. We took a hard look at each and every page, created a new site flow, and designed imagery, headlines, and call to actions for each page.

Matt Dunshie Real Estate

By Matt Adams

Top performing real estate agents are known to have great word of mouth referrals, but a great website can help seal the deal. We helped Matt and his staff elevate their game by designing and building a beautiful site to highlight where they work, their in depth market insight, and promote tools and resources for your next move.

Crossline Church

By Matt Adams

Growing from 200 people to 3000 people in weekly sunday attendance over 5 years, we needed to bring their site up to the level of excellence needed. This is actually the 4th site we have built Crossline over the last 9 years. Factor1 has supported Crossline in many of their graphics needs over their growth years and continue to do so.

St. Vincent DePaul of San Francisco

By Matt Adams

St. Vincent DePaul of San Francisco has been serving their community for over 150 years. Today they serve over 1000 people every day. They reached out to factor1 to design, build and execute a site to communicate their love of people, volunteer needs, project updates and facilitate donations.

Konjo Shoes

By Matt Adams

Life in Abundance International ( works as a transformational development organization. Working with churches and communities in areas of great poverty to restore health, community, families, and industry. We worked with LIA and the amazing Rule29 to develop a site for LIA’s newest project, creating, manufacturing and distributing a great sandal. Konjo sandals are handcrafted by a group of vulnerable women and men in one of Africa’s largest slums.

We took the design to wordpress and developed out a custom theme, admin structure and e-commerce engine to facilitate education, shopping cart, and payments. With multiple sizes, colors, and inventory tracking needs, this was no small task. The final result is a fantastic site that works well, and looks great.

West EFC

By Matt Adams

Full details coming soon

Waters Edge Church

By Matt Adams

My XXX Church

By Matt Adams

More details coming soon.

Michael Benson Band

By Matt Adams

Michael Benson and his band brought us in to help them continue to win awards. We worked with Travis at MindBogl on a killer design to bring the Michael Benson Band experience to the web. We needed to share the music, the awards and the mountains of accolades.