9 Tools That Will Increase Your Productivity

By Ryan Russel

It wasn’t easy for me to convert to Mac, mostly cause I’m not the prototypical artist or designer, that’s way more Matt’s thing. But now that I am here I am definitely an evangelist for the performance and the intuitive programs. But, regardless of platform, here are 9 tools that will increase your productivity. Give them a shot… you will not be disappointed.

#1 Evernote – Notes & Ideas
Simply the best, most complete place to start, develop, keep and share ideas. Ditch your wordprocessing program right now.
PLUS it’s Free!

Google Docs – Documents, spreadsheets, word-processing, pdf’s & more
Google Docs started as a cute alternative to word processing on your own machine but is now a viable replacement for ever again paying for a Word or Pages. The best improvement in google docs is the upload feature enabling a simple import for document that anyone sends you. Edit it. Share it. Download it. Convert it. Great stuff!
PLUS it’s Free!

Dropbox – Easy File Sharing
“Get your files anywhere” is the company’s explanation, and that pretty much sums it up. You can also quickly sync files, share files and back-up files of all kinds.
PLUS it’s Free!

Hootsuite – Social Media Management
They explain it better than I do.. “Improve productivity by managing all of your social networks within HootSuite.” Yep. That sounds right. Manage facebook, twitter, blog posts and a ton more.

Wunderlist – To-Do (GTD)
Since Apple can’t seem to ever get it right with a simple and powerful ‘to-do list’ program, everyone is left searching for the best thing. Here it is.

1Password – Universal Password
Worth every penny. Save & recall all of your passwords in one very secure application. This is a life saver with every website having their own log in requirements. The ‘auto-fill’ feature is time saving both for log-ins & for purchases.

Wufoo – Online Form Builder
A what?! A form builder. You will never hate forms again. It’s super easy to use and even easier to install sexy looking forms onto your webpages.

Pocket – Web Reader
It might seem frivolous like an app only geeks would use, but give it a try. Pocket saves articles for later, in an easy readable – text only format. Looks great on an iphone or ipad too.

Quickly share images, links, music, videos and files. We rely on this app every day for interacting with clients in flash.